Short Story tentang Candi Borobudur

Borobudur Temple 

Borobudur Temple was built at the beginning of 9th Century by Syailendra king. It is the greatest of all Buddhist monuments and one of the world heritages. 

Borobudur, which is located in the earth of central Java province, exists on 276 meters above sea level. This temple stands up on natural hill. It is 42 meters high. This temple or monument is divided into 3 (three) parts. Each part has its own philosophy. 

The first part or the lowest part is called Kamadathu. It means the world of desire. The second part is called Rupadhatu. It tells about Lalitawistara or Rupadhatu rill. Buddha is supposed to be cosmic. Buddha is merely manifests himself as a human budha to proclaim salvation to the people. He leads people in a pilgrimage to the third part called Rupadatu. Rupadatu means the world of formlessness. Arupadatu consists of three level terraces and crowned by the main stupa. The first level is Nirvana. The second level and is called Pari Nirvana and the third level Maha Pari Nirvana In addition, this monument has been renovated twice. The first renovation took place in 1907 until 1911. The second renovation was in 1973 until 1983. The renovation is carried out by Indonesian government and assisted by a Dutch engineer whose name is Teodorus Van Ep. Donated by UNESCO; the renovation spent $27 million dollars.
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